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  • The National Oceanographic Data Committee (NODC) of the Netherlands is the national platform for exchange of oceanographic and marine data and information, and for advisory services in the field of ocean and marine data management. The overall objective of the NODC is to effect a major and significant improvement in the overview and access to marine and oceanographic data and data-products from government and research institutes in the Netherlands. This is not done alone and only with a national focus, but on a European scale as an active partner in the Pan-European SeaDataNet project, complying to the INSPIRE and the new Marine Strategy EU Directives, and on a global scale as the Netherlands representative in major international organisations in this field, ICES and IOC-IODE. A major step has been made with the launch of the NODCi - National Infrastructure for access to Oceanographic and Marine Data and Information. This was developed in the framework of the Ruimte voor Geo-Informatie (RGI) programme as RGI-014 project. It includes a new NODC-i portal (www.nodc.nl), that provides users with a range of metadata services and a unique interface to the data management systems of each of the NODC members. By this Common Data Index (CDI) interface, users can get harmonised access to the datasets, that are managed in a distributed way at each of the NODC members. The NODCi portal functions as the Dutch node in the SeaDataNet infrastructure. The NODC CDI service contains several thousands of references to individual marine and oceanographic datasets. For inclusion in the National Geo Register these have been aggregated by combinations of Data Holding Centres - Disciplines. Each NGR - NODC record therefore represents a large number of individual metadata records and associated datasets. By following the specified URL to the NODCi portal, users can consider these metadata in detail and can achieve downloading of interesting datasets via the shopping cart transaction system, that is integrated in the NODCi portal.

  • CORINE Land Cover change (2006-2012) database of the Netherlands. Monitoring of CLC land cover changes between 2006 and 2012 with a minimum mapping unit (MMU) of 5ha. The CORINE Land Cover (CLC) initiative has a longstanding tradition of providing land cover and land use information over Europe at regular time intervals. Over the past few decades, it gradually became one of the flagship european geospatial datasets. For the 2012 release, the global Monitoring for Environment and Security Programme (GMES, now called Copernicus), established in partnership with the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA), provides a unique opportunity to extend the CLC products with a new series of High Resolution (HR) layers, adressing 5 land cover characteristics that will provide valuable complementary information to the CLC datasets (i.e. imperviousness, forest areas, permanent grassland, wetlands and water bodies). The European Environment Agency (EEA) is responsible for the coordination of the pan-European component of GMES Initial Operations (GIO) Land Monitoring 2011-2013 in the framework of regulation (EU) No 911/2010 – Pan-EU Component. As the EEA highly values the cooperation with EIONET members and cooperating countries they were invited to participate in the production of CLC products and verification and enhancement of the HR layers.

  • Wordt dagelijks geactualiseerd. Het kadaster is een van overheidswege bijgehouden openbaar register van registergoederen, waaronder onroerende zaken, en de daarop gevestigde rechten. Het Kadaster is dan ook de informatiebron voor degenen die kadastrale informatie van bepaalde percelen willen weten.

  • <p>Datasets used for the manuscript:&nbsp;<em>Long-term wastewater monitoring of SARS-CoV-2 viral loads and variants at the major international passenger hub Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: a valuable addition to COVID-19 surveillance</em></p> <p><em>pandemic_daily_passenger_counts.tsv</em>: An overview of daily passenger arrival&nbsp;counts at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport per continent of origin during the study period 16-02-2020 - 04-09-2022</p> <p><em>pre-pandemic_daily_passenger_averages.tsv:&nbsp;</em>An overview of mean daily passenger arrival counts at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the pre-pandemic period 2017-2019.</p> <p><em>viral_load_data.tsv:&nbsp;</em>Flow-corrected viral load (# particles per 24h) in samples taken at the wastewater treatment plant of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.</p> <p><em>wastewater_variant_frequencies.tsv:&nbsp;</em>SARS-CoV-2 lineage estimates in samples&nbsp;taken at the wastewater treatment plant of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, analyzed using whole-genome tiled amplicon sequencing.</p>